"Will A 6 Module Marketing And Technology Training Course Change Your Online Business?"

Yes, When You Get The 
Right Kind Of Training From The Right Person

The Internet Marketing 6 Pack
(6 Modules Of Hands-On Training To 
Put Your Online Business On The Map)

My name is Connie Ragen Green, and I've been teaching people just like you how to build a profitable business on the Internet for three years now. In 2007 I began holding online courses exclusively for my students - the people in my Mentor and Inner Circle programs - as a way to increase their skills quickly.

This is the first course I have opened up to the general public in almost a year! That's right, you are the first to hear about this brand new course, the Internet Marketing 6 Pack. I want to give you the benefit of receiving my training so that you can achieve your online goals quickly as well.

I Am Only Accepting 25 People Into This Program
(To Make Sure Everyone Receives The Personal Attention They Need)

This is a hands-on course, meaning that you will have work to do each week that I will be looking at personally. That is why I am only taking 16 more people into this training course. You will also be working directly with my webmasters, who will set everything up for you just like they do for the ‘big name' Internet marketers they work with regularly. Their client lists are a Who's Who of the online marketing world, so you will have the same advantages we have when it comes to having our sites set up correctly.

And you'll be amazed at how inexpensive it is. In fact, you will be able to do everything you need for under a hundred dollars! This includes an optin page, a Wordpress blog, a sales letter, and your membership site. Yes, this course includes getting your membership site set up exactly the way that will work for you and your niche. I'll be teaching you how to do much of this yourself, but the truth is that it's much easier to have someone do it for you so that you can concentrate on creating products and other aspects of your online business that simply cannot be outsourced.

What Qualifies Me To Teach You This Information?

You may know me from seeing me online. In the four and a half short years that I have been working exclusively on the Internet, I have been able to leapfrog my way to success and have positioned myself as an expert in the Internet marketing training arena. Go ahead, Google my name, "Connie Ragen Green", keeping the quotation marks intact, so you will see the actual number of times I am indexed on the web. This is not an accident. I can teach you how to exponentially increase your own visibility numbers, as well as your bottom line, as part of this new intensive 6 Module training course.

But online visibility is just a small piece of the puzzle. Just because someone seems to be ‘everywhere' online, it doesn't mean they have a lucrative business that you can model. Many of these ‘online social butterflies' are still working at their day jobs because they do not have a business in place. There are other pieces of all of this that you must have in place in order to achieve the success you are looking for.

That's why I have created the Internet Marketing 6 Pack as a comprehensive course of study. It is geared towards advanced beginners and intermediates, meaning that you have been online for at least 6 months and have an idea of what you will offer others in order to earn money on the Internet. Perhaps you have even made a few dollars online already, from your own products and services, or from affiliate marketing. You know better than anyone if you are ready for this type of training.

Article Marketing, Information Product Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Generation, Social Media…These are just a few of the courses I have been teaching since 2007. This time I thought it would be more beneficial to my people if I taught a course that would include all of those topics…and much, much more.

I have spent the last two months outlining the process that takes you from just getting started online to having an Internet business that works for you and the lifestyle you live. I never liked the idea of a ‘9 to 5' life, so I've created a life that suits my needs and allows me both the time and financial freedom to live the life I choose. You can do the same thing, but it takes some time and requires training that will address your specific questions and needs.

I Will Guide You Through Each Step Of The Way

If only I had had someone to guide me through these steps when I was getting started. I want you to have me by your side, every step of the way. I determined that there are 6 areas that must be covered before you can honestly say that you are doing business online. Each Module of the Internet Marketing 6 pack covers one of these areas extensively. All of the trainings - the webinar replays, the audios, the short video trainings, the short reports, and the specific resources - will be available for you 24/7 in the member's area I have already set up for you. Best of all, you will have access to this private site for three full years. Yes, that's right, you will be able to go back and review anything that was covered during our course until the summer of 2013!

Isn't It Time You Change The Techniques
You Are Using To Build Your Online Business?

This just makes sense. If you are not getting the results you want from the methods you are currently using, you need to do something else that has been proven to work. Hundreds of people have now taken my courses, and they are benefitting from what they have learned from me.

You may have fallen into the trap of signing up for every free teleseminar and webinar that is offered, and downloading every report people are giving away. While much of that information may be useful, it is probably sitting on your hard drive right now. Am I correct? You see, by trying to build a solid business based on people's free marketing materials, you are handicapping your possibilities from the very beginning. You must ;earn from someone who shares that commitment to helping you success online. I want to be that person for you.

Don't Just Take My Word For It - 
Read What Some Of My Students Have To Say

I can now honestly say I have a plan of attack for my online business. Just by following your advice, I have seen improvements so far that I haven't had with any other courses over at least 10 years! Your methods are simple and straightforward, and I love how you focus on keeping it simple. Others make things so complicated, when it really doesn't need to be. I never walk away from one of your classes thinking "Well, that's never going to happen." Instead, I get a jump start on the next step you've recommended because it's just so common sense! Thank you so much for offering all of your knowledge to us, I think you are truly making a difference and helping us to make the Internet a better place by understanding we can do it, too!

Gwen Tanner, GwenTanner.com


I have taken many courses in Internet Marketing over the past 4 years. Only TWO have made me step outside my comfort zone and Connie Ragen Green's Internet Marketing 6 Pack course has made me do it repeatedly over the past several weeks - much more than the other course did. Because of Connie I have started doing interviews for others, allowing myself to be interviewed, and, most importantly, conducted my first solo teleseminar! That was probably the hardest thing I've ever done - thank you Connie!

Terri Wurzbacher, GettingUnstuckLLC.com


Connie's Internet 6 Pack Course is one of the very best programs I have ever taken. Connie has a way of being so grounded and systematic that it makes Internet marketing really understandable for her students. So often we learn a lot and don't take the action needed to move forward. Connie gives clear directions for focused progress.

Suzanne Holman, WhenYourMomHasAlzheimers.com


Connie is a fantastic teacher and a great motivator. Before taking Connie’s class, I had purchased various online business courses, but they weren’t complete solutions and there was no support from the presenter. Connie is different – she provides practical information and encourages you to take action immediately. I have made more progress in the past four weeks than in the previous year. My online business is now growing every day. Thanks, Connie!

Steve Sponseller, InnovationExplained.com


When I started with your course in 2008 I didn't know what I didn't know. Now I have an Internet business that I can do from home, and I'm consulting with business owners on two continents. You explained it so that I could apply the information to my particular situation, instead of providing a ‘one size fits all' approach. That is a major change from what I had experienced with other Internet marketing courses in the past. Thank you for helping me to do what I love each and every day!

Michael Gordon, online business consultant


I want to thank you for all the motivation you give me. Thanks to your courses I now have a 4-module online course. It was so exciting to get my first paying students. It's for people who have panic or anxiety and want coaching using self-hypnosis, cognitive and behavioral techniques. Thanks to your advice I created a new website and followed your step by program. It is so exciting to have this up and going. I'm about to launch the 2nd 4-module coaching course in May.

Audrey Sussman, AnxietyControlCenter.com


Connie Ragen Green is the reason I am making money. During the last six months, 9 new clients asked me to help them - 3 professionals and 6 small businesses. The good news is that I work with most of them on a continuing basis. I have worked as a freelance writer for 27 years. I know how to write content, articles, blogs, and sales pages. Thanks to Connie I am also helping these clients establish an internet presence with their off line businesses or professions, without breaking their budgets. My clients really like me and I love Connie!

Ruthan Brodsky, RuthanBrodsky.com


I appreciate your availability and encouragement. About 9 years ago I got the idea of having a business online, but knew no one who did this. When I told my family and friends about it, they would nod and say "uh-huh..." not having a clue as to what I was talking about. I spent more money and time than I can tell you, bumbling around trying to figure it out. It is such a relief to be in your coaching group now. You explain everything in detail, and will go over it again for those who don't get it the first time. I am relieved and grateful for your services.

Janet Eisenbise, Coach4LifeChange.com

You'll Have Extra Credit Opportunities Throughout This Course - And That Can Mean Huge Exposure For Your Business

Throughout the course I will give you the chance to complete assignments for Extra Credit. Yes, it's just like being in school, except this kind of extra credit can mean increasing your bottom line in a serious way. For example, I may ask you to repurpose one of your blog posts or articles into as many different ways as possible. The student who can do this with the most creative and complete solution will receive the extra credit points that week. These points can be used to have me do a mailing for you (Priceless!) or to have an hour long one-on-one session with me to map out your next steps. Other Extra Credit includes the opportunity to shadow me for a full day at one of the events where I will be attending or speaking during the next year.

The Internet Marketing 6 Pack includes 6 information packed modules that cover everything from forwarding and masking domains to creating your own information product to creating a marketing plan to setting up your own Membership Site filled with content.

During the weeks in July and August you spend with me in this course, you will learn how to:

Redefine your niche in a way that will set you apart from the competition

Set up your own blog using the one-click installation feature in Wordpress, giving you the SEO (search engine optimization) advantages usually reserved for those making more than 500K a year on the Internet, including all of the plug-ins that help you to automate this process entirely

Discover where your ideal clients are ‘hanging out' online so that you can reach them directly, saving you time and money as you test out your ideas before developing them into fill-fledged products and courses

Start growing a responsive list of prospects right away that you can easily turn into buyers, something many people don't do for the first year or more

Create a series of information products that will make sense for your niche, including some that will take you less than an hour to create!
Use free traffic methods to get as many people to your sites as you like, using the 35 free methods I have outlined for you as part of this course

Find the right keywords for what you are offering on the Internet (I'll show you my top-secret techniques for keyword research that are priceless)

Spend less than 30 minutes a day on social media to get your message out to millions of people from around the world - this wasn't even available when I was first online, so I'll teach you how to build that up quickly

Get started with affiliate marketing so that you will have an unlimited number of appropriate products to promote to your prospects and clients

Create your own product to begin the process of information product creation that can be duplicated over and over again

Set up a membership site that is filled with content on your niche topic, so that you can start accepting members right away to create residual income

Develop a marketing plan around the schedule and lifestyle that works best for you - it's all about the lifestyle, so create the business the way you want it to work for you


Module 1 - Jump Starting Your Online Business

  • We will jump right in and fine tune what you are already doing online

  • We'll go in-depth into what your goals are for your business

  • Redefining your target audience and ideal clients so that you can zero in on the people who are interested in what you have to offer them and how you will best serve them

  • How to choose a keyword rich domain name that will be found easily by the search engines to use as an optin page.

  • Setting up your WordPress blog with the most effective plug-ins to have a powerful ‘home on the Internet' to connect with your prospects (I will even set up your blog with all of the plug-ins and settings you need. You will only need to start writing posts to have this part of your business ready to go).

  • Creating a free giveaway (your ethical bribe) to get more people to join your list - this can be a three page report, a short audio, a video, or even a checklist that will help your prospects to learn more about who you are and what you do. We'll work together to get this just right for your target market.


Module 2 - List Building and Traffic

  • How to attract your ideal clients and build a list of people who are responsive to your message and niche

  • 35 ways to drive as much traffic as you want to your blog, optin pages, and other sites, without having to spend a nickel on advertising

  • Setting up a professional optin page. My own webmaster will set up your optin page for you after you have written the copy, for less than $50. I'll provide a template for this so you can complete it in about 90 minutes.

  • Using content syndication so that what you write will reach as many people as possible.


Module 3 - Affiliate Marketing

  • Choosing the right people and products to promote as an affiliate, enabling you to double your income by doubling the number of products, courses, and services you can offer to your list. I will help you to select three affiliate products that you can begin promoting immediately.

  • I'll provide you with one of my own best income producing Short Reports so that you can add your own affiliate links and send it out to your prospects.

  • We will work together to map out a plan for how you can begin promoting products and services to your list that will make sense for your niche.


Module 4 - Social Media Secrets

  • This method of marketing was not even available when I came online at the end of 2005. Now I can't imagine building an Internet business without the advantages offered by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These sites can be used to start building your list within hours, to research and test new product ideas, and to fill your teleseminars with prospects who are interested in your niche topic. I'll teach you the secrets that continue to work for me, all while spending less than 30 minutes a day in total. This will allow you to get your work done, have an online presence, and spend the time you want with your family, friends, and other interests, away from the computer.


Module 5 - Your Membership Site
and Information Product Creation

  • We will work together to create a product you can sell online, either as a stand alone product, part of a product line series, or as part of a membership site. I will give you my special sales letter template that will have you up and running right away.

  • Even though many people are making a 6 figure income with affiliate marketing, having your own products is the true ticket to financial freedom. I'll take you step by step through the process of creating your own information products quickly, as well as how to market them effectively for years to come by putting them on ‘autopilot'. I have a technique I have used with my students for more than two years now that works, plain and simple.


Module 6 - Creating a Marketing Plan To Fit Your Lifestyle

  • Marketing on the Internet means that you can choose the schedule that suits you. I usually write articles or hold a webinar on Saturday morning. This may not sound fun to you at all.

  • I also prefer to do more Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and very little the other days. Building an online empire is all about choice - choosing the activities and schedule that works for you.

  • We'll create a marketing plan that allows you to get your work done when and where you want to do it.

  • We will also take a look at the types of activities that will move your business forward, such as blogging, article marketing, teleseminars, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

We begin on Wednesday, July 7, at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST, and go through Wednesday, August 18. August 4 will be our 'Summer Break' so that you can catch up with your assignments and I can work more closely with you to make sure you are getting exactly what you need from the course.

These are 6 Action And Information Packed Modules Covering Everything You Need To Set Up And Build Your Internet Business

All sessions will run from 60 to 90 minutes and will be recorded (both audio AND video). You will have unlimited access to the webinar replays, as well as to the mp3 recordings. This means that you can review and study each Module at your own pace for better understanding and application of everything I am teaching here.

Just to recap, here is what you will receive as a member of this program:

6 modules of training, beginning on Wednesday, July 7. Some sessions will require more time for you to implement and receive feedback from me.

Complete setup of a Wordpress blog, including the exact plug-ins I use to automate parts of my business

Weekly lessons, assignments, resources, and extra credit opportunities to enrich your learning experience

Access to both of my webmasters, who have been helping me with the technical part of all of this for several years now

Replays of all of our trainings, as well as all bonuses and additional trainings, through a membership site that you can access 24/7

Full access to the course when I teach it again at the end of October, 2010.

Specifically, you'll learn how to:

Select a profitable niche market and target audience to market to

Refine your marketing Keywords

Choose an affiliate product to use to offer first in your niche

Manage your content delivery (Autoresponder) system and set it up to collect names of prospects to build your list

Design your Landing Page and getting it up on the Internet

Create your Opt-in box and put it on your website, blog and landing page to collect names and emails

Write your first 10 autoresponder messages to your new prospects...leading to promoting the sale of the products you choose

Create a free "Giveaway" or Report to use as an exchange to encourage people to sign up for your list

...And much, much more

You will also have access to the replays of Helen Raptoplous' latest course:

R.A.C.E.-ing Forward - The 4 Key Factors To Business Success

R - Relationships - how to build them effectively online
A - Action Habits - be more productive in less time
C - Creative Input - how to use the right-brain in your business
E - Expert Status - why visibility and positioning are so important

Helen is a Productivity and Action Habits Coach who will show you how to take inspired action with what you are learning on the Internet and turn it into a productive course of action in your online business. She will also address mindset issues that are so important to the success of entrepreneurs. Helen has worked extensively with people from around the world, and she specializes in helping entrepreneurs to overcome the obstacles that hold them back in all areas of their lives. Helen is the perfect person to teach this course; she has taken massive action with what she has been doing on the Internet and has continued to almost double her income each month since February of 2010.

The List P.R.O.F.I.T System - This is the system created by the legendary Jimmy D. Brown that teaches you how to market to your list to build relationships and increase your bottom line. This program includes the comprehensive manual, as well as the audio tutorials so that you can get started right away.

Amazon S3 webinar training - this is the system used by most marketers and trainers online today. My webmaster said she does not know how anyone can set this up without help from someone who uses technology regularly. She taught me how to do this and we then created this training together. I'll be demonstrating this during our course so you can get started with it when you are ready to add video to your marketing methods.

Podcasting webinar training - this is yet another way to increase your visibility and credibility online. This training will show you exactly what is needed to set up your own podcast quickly - and at no cost.

Amazon's Kindle - webinar training on how to add your short reports and eBooks to the Kindle program to reach even more new prospects. This training has been purchased by hundreds of people who are now utilizing it to publish their writing.

Affiliate Marketing For The Rest Of Us - This will be a four part webinar series on how to use the same exact methods I have developed to be successful as an affiliate marketer. Each webinar will show you how I decide what to promote and the techniques that you can use to be successful in this area.

Total Investment For The Course - $997
(Or Two Payments of $515 Each)

YES! I want to join the Internet Marketing 6 Pack Course and have access to your training.

  • I understand I will be added to the membership site for this course, at no additional cost, for the next three years.

  • I understand I will also have access to the replays of all webinar trainings, the bonuses outlined above, and the other training materials that are included as part of this course.

  • I understand that the total investment for this course is $997, or two payments of $515 (the second payment will be billed 21 days after the first payment).

Yes, Sign Me Up!


Remember that I am limiting the number of students in this course because of the individual attention you will receive.

P.S. When I offer this course again at the end of October, the cost will most likely be twice as much as it is this time. And, you will be able to repeat the course again at no additional cost, enabling you to reinforce what you are doing online to achieve an even greater level of success.